Obtain your driver’s license

We simplify your journey to a driver’s license with our 3 easy steps.
Apply for a learner permit with us, book the lessons, and let us handle the rest.
We’re here to support you every step of the way!

Step 3 - Practical Test
Upon the instructor’s approval that the student is well prepared to take the Practical Driving Test, an application is submitted with the require documents. For weekday bookings, complete DRV020, and for Saturdays, DRV021 is required. Additional documents may be necessary for the test application.

Once this application is submitted, the Authority will schedule the test as close as four weeks from the submittal date The Authority will schedule candidates on a first come first serve basis, and a notification of the test date and time will be sent directly to you and copied to the Motoring School.

Fees by Transports Malta are as follows
Weekdays: €23.25
Saturdays: €40