Lines finds its roots back in the 1960’s when Emanuel Zarb founded Zarb Enterprise. In the early 90’s, Emanuel Vella took over part of the transportation business.
In 1995 Emanuel Vella was a founding member of Koptaco Coaches Cooperative. The Company was founded to help safeguard the small land transportation operators. The company has since flourished and nowadays it has one of the largest fleets on the island with more than 50 coaches.
In 2008, Emanuel Vella handed to his eldest son Kevin Vella the family transportation business.
Kevin was already familiar with the business as he was working with Koptaco Coaches Cooperative since 1999. He was also elected Chairman of the company in 2008 at the young age of 29.
Kevin created VZ Lines limited in 2008. To honour his parents, he used the first letter of their respective surnames Vella and Zarb. The company was created as a family-run business in land transportation, offering transportation services for locals, tourists, and also to cater for private tours.

VZ Lines limited evolved over the years from just a land transportation company to carry out maintenance and repairs to various vehicles under the brand Velltech

  • Velltech repairs and maintenance are directed by Kevin’s younger sibling, Francesco Vella and his brother In-law Louis Borg.
  • Land transportation services operated by Koptaco Coaches Cooperative.

Koptaco Coaches Cooperative caters mainly for groups and provides a wide range of service on the Maltese Islands and abroad. Services include tours, cruise liners passengers transport, airport transfer, point-to-point transfer, school transport and outings, vintage buses rentals, and Sicily tours.